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publication design
Cider Mill Press

I’ve always loved books, so when I had the chance to work for a book publisher, I was thrilled. These spiral-bound books were my favorite project. They needed to be fun, straightforward and easy-to-use, so I worked closely with the publisher to create a design that was colorful and clean.

Another favorite, The Mason Jar Cocktail Companion required a multi-day cocktail photo shoot with me as the photographer. After reviewing and selecting photos, I designed the cover, featuring an image I took of the mason jar hurricane recipe, based on the look of a Ball jar.


Printed five times per year, Murad’s direct-to-consumer catalog was in the process of redesign by my predecessor when I joined the team. I simplified and standardized type treatments, integrated photo elements and continue to evolve the overall look to reflect Murad’s ongoing rebrand. As I lay out each version, I help to proofread copy and ensure consistency across the brand.

Champlain College

Throughout my junior and senior years at Champlain College, I served as the Art Director of our monthly student newspaper, The Champlain Current. When I took the post, I transitioned the paper from tabloid to broadsheet, rebranded the newspaper, updated typefaces and standardized text treatments.

In my senior year, I designed the interior of Endangered Alphabets for college English professor Tim Brookes. His personal project studied alphabets that had fallen out of use—some even extinct—that he researched and carved onto beautiful pieces of wood. 

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