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marketing & sales collateral

Campaign visuals should tell the product’s story. This example showcases a serum that will brighten your skin, aided by extract from the delicate porcelain flower. The illuminated paper and porcelain flower imagery was carried through multiple collateral pieces, including traffic stoppers, posters, point-of-sale glorifiers, international advertisements, in-store lightboxes and packaging sleeves.

The Hydro-Dynamic campaign featured a dewy blue agave plant framing hero products in similar collateral pieces: traffic stoppers, posters, glorifiers, advertisements.

William Arthur
Vera Wang

Press kits were one of my favorite projects for William Arthur. I worked with the stationery designers to select the invitations included in the kits. I downsized the kit dieline to allow in-house printing and better accommodate the invitations.

Point-of-sale displays allowed me to expand upon the stationery designers’ work. I selected the invitation or stationery piece with the help of the designer, and then created a complementary board design to showcase the promotion and product.

Vera Wang point-of-sale displays followed a similar process, but were clean and looked more high-end. Posters were adaptations of the ad campaign for consistency.

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